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Four-Links – TX dune buggy rally, Oz supercars, four-year-old photog, Jimmi

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In case you missed it, the entire hour-long Save the Texas Dune Buggy rally in front of the Texas state capitol – which took place this past Thursday – is still on the Save the Texas Dune Buggy Facebook page.

* As mentioned earlier this week, a single article in the Sydney Sun-Herald was all it took for Australian carmakers to scale back their muscle car plans. Writing for Drive a few years back, Harvey Grennan provided some context behind that article and its aftermath.

* DaveT’s got the right idea about getting his four-year-old son Ash involved in cars – he handed the kid a camera at a drifting event and encouraged Ash to get right into the thick of things in the pits.

* The Automobile Driving Museum has assembled an all-female team to restore one of their latest acquisitions, a 1955 GMC pickup.

* Finally, CorvetteReport came across PDFs of a dozen or so issues of Corvette News, which was only distributed to Corvette owners during the Fifties and Sixties.