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Exclusive: A sneak peek and video of SEMA Show build!

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Sneak peek at the Cotati Speed Shop ’68 Camaro roadracer/roadrager. Shot by Eric Haines for Hemmings Muscle Machines.

If you’re reading this, we’re gonna go ahead and assume you’re familiar with the annual SEMA Show that descends on the Las Vegas Convention Center every year for the week around Halloween. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely a gearhead bucket-list type of thing, but here’s the catch: It’s supposed to be an industry-only thing. And while we’ve seen more and more “civilians” walking the million-plus miles of carpeting at the show as of late, we still know that we’re doing you, dear Muscle Machines reader, a service by bringing SEMA to your inbox this time of year.

And so it was, with the cover story of the latest issue of Muscle Machines: We knew that the December 2018 issue always drops around the SEMA Show, so we wanted to find a car that was being prepped to be unveiled in Vegas – a WIP (Work In Progress) that we could bring you as an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek before the minions see it, in-person, at the show.

We put the feelers out and it didn’t take long to get some great leads. After all, this is a fairly tight-knit network of builders, owners, drivers, fabricators, tinbenders, welders, lovers, fighters, and all-around gearheads. At the end of the day, we all come together and help each other out, whenever and wherever we can. And with some help from our friends, we ended up at the door of Zane Cullen’s Cotati Speed Shop in Santa Rosa, CA.

Turns out, Zane and his crew have been turning a bitchin’ ’68 Camaro into a road-racer that channels the spirit of the early days of the Trans Am racing series, while also taking advantage of all the latest trick aftermarket glory. This thing is, at once, a vintage Mark Donohue-inspired, fender-flared Sebring slayer of Olden Tymes and also a modern-day road king built to take on a serpentine course one day and Pikes Peak the next. And go get dinner at a decent BBQ joint between the two.

At the end of the day, we’re still magazine guys. Which means that you’re gonna have to make sure you pick up a copy of the December ’18 issue of Muscle Machines to get the whole story on this amazing build. But, we’ll give you a tasty behind-the-scenes clip of the photoshoot we did with photographer, Eric Haines, at Cotati Speed Shop here. And make sure you follow along with us on Instagram (@hemmingsmusclemachines) and on Facebook (HemmingsNews) as we take you to the SEMA Show with us next week for the big reveal of the Cotati Speed Shop Camaro, among other amazingness. See you next week!