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Four-Links – Scott Henderson, fountain Buick, Oz vannin, Stude brew (or brewdebaker)

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Steve McKelvie let us know this week that Scott Henderson, a Great Race rally driver who notably helped save a Buick that lost its brakes from tumbling off the Mount Washington auto road this past summer, recently died, as did the driver of that Buick, artist Jack Juratovic.

* Speaking of Buicks that lost their braking abilities, the Hamilton (Ohio) Journal-News reported this week on an incident in which a 1957 Buick took out a newly installed water fountain that dates back to the 1800s. (via)

* As we see in this Top Gear article, Australian van culture is a lot like American van culture, except the vans are car-based rather than truck-based.

* The Studebaker name lives – this time around as a brewery in South Bend.

* And while we’re discussing Studebakers, the Studebaker National Museum posted this video of the company’s introduction of the Gran Turismo. (via)