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The G.T. 350 Tour visits Hemmings

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Some years back, Shelby enthusiast Lee Cross began arranging a driving tour of vintage G.T. 350 models, gathering a small group of owners to take in fall scenery while enjoying their cars. Each year the tour would be based in a different part of the country, and each year it would grow a little bit more. For 2018, Lee planned The G.T. 350 Tour to travel around the Adirondack region, using Lake George’s Sagamore Resort in upstate New York as home base. Each day the group follows a route carefully planned ahead of time, and last Friday, one of the scheduled stops was Hemmings HQ here in Bennington, Vermont. In Lee’s words, this event was originally “a very nice, very tiny, very casual, under-the-radar tour,” and though he says it has grown well beyond that description, he strives to maintain “the ‘small tour’ feel of a non-profit event.”

This year’s run included 22 vintage Shelbys, all G.T. 350s, with several unrestored examples and, if we heard correctly, three original-owner cars. There were several of the first-year models, a couple of the Hertz “Rent-A-Racer” ’66 G.T. 350Hs, one of them an original four-speed (very rare, as most were automatics), plus representation of the ’67, ’68, and the ‘69/’70 body styles. Among them was an original-owner ’67 in the rare Lincoln-sourced color of Charcoal Grey, with its original inboard headlamp grille and, even more rare, extractor scoop lamps.

1967 She;lby G.T. 350

1967 Shelby G.T. 350

There was also the ’65 G.T. 350 of Deb Bigelow, which was purchased new by her father. The car displayed considerable “patina,” making it a fascinating curiosity among the breed. Deb explained that her father had partially dismantled the car in preparation for a restoration some years ago, but then, more recently, the decision was made to reassemble it and make it road worthy again. For this tour, it was fitted with a reproduction fiberglass hood that had been signed by all the participants. The car still wears the hitch installed to pull a pop-up trailer the family used for camping trips when Deb was a child—she even had an old photo to prove it.

Alas, the Hemmings stop was but a brief layover in the tour’s schedule, so we had precious little time to mingle and chat with the car owners before they hit the road again to their next stop. We were able to grab some snaps during The G.T. 350’s time with us, which we’ve assembled in the accompanying image gallery.