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VIDEO: watch this analog, celluloid glory unfold!

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A brief moment when drag racing and beehives collided in full vintage glory.

Ah, 1970. In Drag Racing, it was that magical period that was still everything good about the glorious Sixties, but nothing had been ruined by the Oil Crisis yet. Post-Fuel Altered. Pre-Malaise. Denny Miliani was gone, but Mickey Thompson was still alive. Don Garlits had already lost his foot (or much of it) in his game-changing wreck, but Top Fuel cars were still front-engined beasts till he changed all that the following year. Yep, 1970 was a pivotal year for drag racing in more ways than anyone living it at the time could’ve imagined.

So, let’s go back to that beautiful, 16mm year and the NHRA World Finals at the Dallas International Motor Speedway. It’s all star-spangled miniskirts and sideburns and bass-boat metalflake floppers and super long-wheelbase fuelers and hand-lettered team rigs. Does it get any better? No. No, it does not. God bless 1970.