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Help Gene Winfield

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Gene Winfield and Rob Ida pose at the 2018 Race of Gentlemen. Photo by Jim Cross.

It seems legendary customizer and hot rodder Gene Winfield, of Mojave, California, is in need of a bit of assistance. Gene is a regular guest at events worldwide and on his latest trip, to Europe, he suffered a bad fall, breaking his hip. After surgery, he came down with pneumonia.

Thanks to some pre-existing medical conditions, oxygen use, and the requirements of healing from the fall, Gene cannot fly commercial—meaning he’s effectively stranded in Finland.

Winfield is in good spirits, but he’d be happier at home. Photo via the GoFundMe page.

At 91, Winfield might be best served by returning home to recuperate, so his friends and associates have put together a GoFundMe page in an effort to get Gene a medical flight back to the United States. New Jersey hot rodder and Tucker aficionado Rob Ida put out the word on Facebook so that Gene’s friends and fans can all chip in and help out.

“I spoke to him,” Rob said on Facebook, “And his spirits are up and he’s anxious to get back to the U.S.”

Medical flights aren’t cheap, and Gene’s friends are trying to raise $150,000–almost 10 percent of which has been donated as of this writing.

If you can help, visit: