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Four-Links – Wild Cherry, counting Twisters, Allen Gaines, Earl’s Corsair

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The good news? The Wild Cherry van has been restored. The bad news? Allegations that the restorer stole the van have now roiled the vanning community.

* Exactly how many Twister Special Rancheros were built? Without direct documentation, most automotive historians would accept that multiple theories abound and wait for further proof. The folks behind the Twister Special page, however, went to the trouble of calculating the angle of the sun from some grainy old photos and compared those findings with original documentation and existing tribal knowledge to try to pinpoint the answer.

* Allen Gaines, the man behind one of the most famous pulling trucks, the Orange Blossom Special, recently died, according to this report from Off-Road Action.

* Mac’s Motor City Garage recently took a look at the 1948 Corsair, a rear-engined concept that Harley Earl’s team was batting around in the postwar years. Yes, it looks suspiciously like the Cadillac Interceptor mules as well as the designs that Frank Hershey and Ned Nickles proposed for the postwar Cadillacs.

* Finally, author Samuel Hawley also put together some photos of the Green Monster #15 into a video, similar to the video he recently put together of Craig Breedlove photos.