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WATCH: Muscle Car Of The Week reviews the new Muscle Machines magazine!

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Some of the video that Tom Roche and Chris Osburn of Roche Photo Collective captured of our relaunch issue feature car!

In our work producing Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine, we tend to meet some interesting people. Among them is Kevin Oeste, who, with his wife Kelle, runs V8 Speed & Resto Shop in Red Bud, Illinois, where they build cars for clients, some that we’ve featured in the pages of HMM. Kevin also produces an automotive television and web-based program with V8TV (, and he hosts the online series, Muscle Car of the Week.

Normally, each episode of Muscle Car of the Week focuses on a particular vehicle from the Brothers Collection, a gathering of more than 400 prime examples of Detroit’s best works housed in the Pacific Northwest, but recently, an episode was dedicated to a review of the redesigned and relaunched Hemmings Muscle Machines. The video does a great job of explaining the goals of the project and how it all comes together in print, and gives some examples of the content updates we’ve incorporated.

Thanks to Kevin and the crew at Muscle Car of the Week for their review of our efforts with HMM, which you can check out here. Past episodes of MCW can be found at, where new episodes post each week.