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All cheetahs and wizards up in here: ’70s show-muscle!

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This week, we bring you an historic photo that we purposely didn’t clean up or trim the print frame edges off of. Why? Because the date stamped on the white border just says it all: “FEB 73.”

If you recall last week’s old photo in the newsletter, we talked about the advent of the show car concept: cars (and, sometimes, boats) purpose-built to win trophies on the show circuits that really reached insane levels of pomp, circumstance, and psychedelics by the late ’60s. By the time the ’70s rolled in, it seemed like the spirit of those show cars from the previous decade had been applied to cars that could — and were — driven.

Which tees-up this week’s epic, found photo. From the looks of the hood on this Corvette, it’s either a ’65 car — the only year for that motor — or a ’66 with a 427 big block. Which also makes it sorta rare, even in 1973. Now, what about the wizard? And the cheetah? And that great hair? The head spins, right? In that post-psychedelic/pre-oil-crisis era when fantasy murals, bean-bag chairs, exotic pets, and big cubes all collided in a glorious way, this snapshot lives on, 45 years later. ’Merica!