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Motorcycle Cannonball 2018, day five update

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Photograph courtesy Michael Lichter.

Day five of Motorcycle Cannonball 2018 has been completed and the race has now officially covered 940 miles. Stage five spent the day in the Midwest, traveling from Bowling Green, Ohio, to Bourbonnais, Illinois. Father and son riders Mike (#15, 1928 Harley JDH) and Buck Carson (#3, 1925 Harley) were collected in a construction zone during the day and skidded into a ditch. Mike sustained some broken bones, but was released by the hospital and was able to meet up with his support crew at the finish line. Buck was able to continue with a damaged bike and some minor injuries. He is credited with completing the entire leg and is still in the running, although his bike will need major overnight work.

Although two bikes caught fire on day four (#24, 1928 Indian Chief of Kelly Modlin and #17, 1927 Indian Ace of Rick Salisbury), they were both able to continue with a charcoal paint job and Rick’s Ace is still among the riders who have completed every mile. Kelly also completed the day, but was assessed a three-point penalty for arriving late.

Sixty-six bikes have completed every mile so far without penalty and the leader continues to be Chris Tribbey aboard his #9, 1911 Excelsior K single. He owns that distinction, because he has the oldest bike entered in Class I (single-cylinder, single-speed transmission). Only eight bikes from the original 107 were not on course for Stage 5 and, while some had issues throughout the day, they will have overnight to try and get back in the running.

Considering all these bikes are at least 90 years old, the fact that over half of them have completed every mile is a tribute to the riders, their support crews, and the bikes themselves.

Day six features a midday stop in Rock Falls, Illinois, and a finish line in Anamosa, Iowa, at the National Motorcycle Museum.

A complete list of the standings is available on the Motorcycle Cannonball website, and you can watch our Hemmings Facebook page for additional updates.