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Vintage Photos: The Rabbit Habbit

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Believe it or not, the only thing we’re a little sad over, when we think about muscle cars and the Seventies is not the Mustang II, nor the ’78 Dodge Challenger Colt Mitsubishi, nor even the Berlinetta. What really bums us out is how badly the inks in color photo prints of the era have faded. We really wish the color of the cars, and everything around them, could’ve been preserved. Take this mysterious snapshot of Lynn Poole’s flamed Rabbit Habbit Camaro, running a set of Klassics and what seem to be sorta matching team jerseys and a Wynn’s grocery store fender cover: Bet the original colors of everything in here were just glorious.

Guessing by the scenery and trailer plates, this is probably at a track in southern Virginia or maybe even North Carolina. One of the few mentions we’ve ever found of Poole’s Rabbit Habbit was in a newspaper ad for the Miss Universe Of Drag Racing event held on May 5, 1972, at the Fayetteville Cumberland Dragway in Fayetteville, North Carolina. But the car listed in that ad was a Chevelle.

Anyone holding any clues about Poole and his Rabbit Habbit team? Is that Lynne in the shot? Who’s the mystery brunette? Who did that amazing paint and gold foil lettering? Where’s the Chevelle? Is anything/anyone in this shot still with us? Is the photographer out there, somewhere?