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Capital Region Cars and Caffeine monthly meet draws a diverse group of cars and trucks

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The event was sponsored by 1945 Speed and Custom and this shop was open to browse through their current projects. Photos by author.

As if we here at Hemmings Motor News don’t attend or organize enough car shows, I spent a few hours on my day off attending the Capitol Region Cars and Caffeine car show in late July, where I found restored cars, custom hot rods, late model muscle cars and many tuner imports as well. The event is sponsored by 1945 Speed and Custom and encompasses about eight city blocks in downtown Troy, New York. The event has the full support of the city of Troy, and its police and public works department, who set up detours around the event and staff the street barricades. I counted well over 150 cars at this event in July, and here are just a few that show the diversity of the car enthusiasts from New York’s capital region.

GMC Suburban

This early sixties Suburban was in the bays receiving a full lowering and an exchange to a more modern drivetrain.


Early Hemi and transmission combination available for your next project on display in the showroom.


Nicely restored 1969 El Camino with side pipes.


There was a little of everything at this event, including a new 2018 McLaren 720S with dealer plates.


Cute little Volvo P1800 in excellent shape, but under the hood lies a small block fuel injected Ford and a lot of horsepower.


Beautifully restored 1948 Chevrolet convertible.


Early Broncos are huge with collectors these days and this one was well kept but with just enough upgrades to add value without being too gawdy.


Lowered 1961 Buick Electra 225 looks even longer when this close to the ground.


1966 Olds Cutlass 4-4-2 with period-correct Keystones was one of the best-looking cars at the show.


Slammed 1971 Chevy Cheyenne with huge wheels and later drive train installed.


Accurate rendering of the TV police car.


Pure Ford street rod look, with a small block Chevrolet engine.


1956 Chevy pickup in black sans most of its chrome trim looks sleek.


Chopped and massaged, this Model B Victoria with fuel-injected Chevy small block was just as nice in close as it was 100 feet away.


Old Number 7 is about as far away from a 1951 Shoebox Ford as you can get, while still keeping its general shoebox appearance. The frame, roll cage, and dash were all hand-built, the lower grill bar sported a Rambler badge and the carbureted modular Ford V-8 upgrade under the hood tied this car all together. Easily the biggest crowd gatherer at the event.

The 1945 Speed and Custom Shop has set-up a Facebook page where you can view additional photos and stay informed as to when their next car show is planned, usually the last Sunday of the month.