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Four-Links – diesel Dart, Bathurst museum, Land Cruiser Heritage Museum, Land Rover Series I

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TheDieselDartGuy showed up on the AACA forums recently to show off the Nissan six-cylinder diesel-powered 1974 Dart he bought new, one of a handful converted shortly after they left the factory to deal with rising gasoline costs.

Photo by Geoff Hiscock.

* At about the same time that reader Geoff Hiscock sent over the photo of one of the two Holdens claimed to have won Bathurst in 1984 – this one in the Australian National Motor Racing Museum – we also ran across Unique Cars’ photo tour of the museum.

* It took some searching, but Tamerlane tracked down the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in Salt Lake City and posted a number of photos of the collection.

* Jon Branch at Silodrome took some time this week to go over the history of the Land Rover Series I.

* Finally, this nifty Ford Falcon retractable hardtop custom video might be a few years old, but recently popped up in my feeds. Lots of creative engineering here.