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Four-Links – ball-stud Hemi, Egypt’s desert racers, lead bromide, Lucky 13

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Had muscle cars continued uninterrupted throughout the Seventies, we would have seen all sorts of interesting progressions of Sixties tech, including the ball-stud Hemi, which Mac’s Motor City Garage detailed this week.

* Here in the United States, off-road racing largely faces threats from development; in Egypt, it’s their army’s lethal enforcement of no-go zones in the desert. As Roads and Kingdoms wrote this week, however, a growing bunch of off-road racers are heading out into the desert regardless.

* Lead in gasoline was bad all around and was actually even worse than we realized, as Jamie Kitman wrote this week in his report on how the demise of leaded gas only brought about the rise of bromine-based flame retardants.

* BTW, David Greenless at The Old Motor is still on the lookout for any information on the Lucky 13 racer-turned-street car pictured here.

* Finally, just a ride with Matt Anderson in The Henry Ford’s replica Quadricycle.