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Four-Links – speedsters buried, fraudsters charged, Mohs memorialized, culture captured

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Kudzu, it’s a helluva weed. As The Old Motor reported this week, a contractor in North Carolina found 10 speedsters, trucks, and other old cars buried in the vine when he went to tear down a collapsed house.

* The Department of Justice last month announced a huge bust of classic-car fraudsters accused of swindling people out of $4.5 million.

* We had heard a few years ago that Bruce Mohs was still around but didn’t take the time to circle back around on the tip until this week, when we saw that he died in 2015, as the Wisconsin State-Journal reported.

* What happens when you take a pair of commercial car photographers and turn them loose on the streets of Los Angeles? They… keep shooting cars, as we see from Stefan Eisele and Markus Weber’s galleries. (via)

* Skoda ambulances. Don’t ask me. (via)