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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1969 AM General M35 bobber

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Bobbed 1969 AM General M35 for sale on From the seller’s description:

This truck was originally a M-35 10 x 10, it was shortened to make it a 6 x 6. It is commonly done and referred to as a Deuce Bobber. The truck is powered by a Hercules Multi-Fuel diesel, that is to say it runs on just about anything but AV gas. It has a five speed transmission and a two speed transfer case. In addition to the aforementioned mods, the cab has been extended to accommodate bucket seats with waterproof covers. The truck has newly added hydraulic power steering and dual exhaust out the back. There is a hardtop with the truck that needs a little modification to work with the extended cab. Parts are available for these trucks just about everywhere as they are used all over the world. As is typical of the military, these things are on a maintenance schedule so it has many newer parts put on over the years. This particular truck has 49K miles on the clock and runs and drives perfect. The truck is registered as a 3 ton and requires no CDL. You can drive it to work, as long as you don’t go over 65.

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Haverhill, Iowa
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