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Four-Links – dirty old cars, sunk C/K, Lacey Lady, Wanderer to Gomoh

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Should we feel bad about driving old cars for their negative environmental impact? John Simister ponders how to reconcile caring for both clean air and for classics over at Goodwood.

* The photo above isn’t an optical illusion; the C/K pickup has actually been slammed and cut to sit like that, as we see from Engine Swap Depot’s recent article on it.

* The story behind the Lacey Lady – the B-17 bomber that served for decades as the canopy for an Oregon gas station – is pretty wild, as the Smithsonian’s Air and Space magazine recounts.

* Over on FIVA’s blog, Gautam Sen tells the story of the Wanderer that played an important role in India’s fight for independence from Britain.

* Finally, via Silodrome, something for McNessor: a handful of stories straight from the mouth of Malcolm Smith.