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Four-Links – STP, interstate history, Route 66 for bikes, Anna Isaak

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Nearly 55 years ago, the Department of Justice’s antitrust division filed a complaint against Studebaker for pricefixing oil additives through its subsidiary, STP. As Automotive News reported, the department decided this week to officially terminate the complaint.

* Speaking of interstate love songs, Geotab’s interactive and animated infographic on the evolution of the Interstate Highway System is worth perusing. (via)

* Speaking of the country’s road network, Route 66 is fast becoming a destination route for cyclists, as CityLab reported this week.

* Last week, we posted a link to a Randy Regier sculpture/project, and Brian Austin pointed us toward another of Regier’s projects, the “barn find” of “Anna Isaak’s” “dirt-track car.”

* A discussion on the H.A.M.B. this week led to this video of an artist who restored a vintage gas station and converted it into his house.