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Four-Links – pulsejet scooter, bears, Dr. Gundula Tutt, Falcon trike

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As if it weren’t cool enough to put a pulse jet on a scooter, artist Randy Regier decided to gin up an entire backstory to the Grand Thrust Star 100, complete with “vintage” photos, a kit, and toy replicas. As Silodrome pointed out, the entire project questions the reality of the stories we tell, something entirely relevant to the collector-car hobby.

* One of my many bookmarks folders includes dozens of photos of people interacting with bears by the roadside, typically in Yellowstone. National Geographic apparently had its own such folder and assembled them for a story on bear interactions at the park this week.

* The Revs Institute this week put together a profile on Gundula Tutt, a preservationist whose doctorate focused on the history of automotive paint. (via)

* What do you do with a vintage Ford Falcon smashed by a fallen tree? Turn it into a tractor-seat trike, perhaps?

* Finally, Jonathan Boschen recently took an in-depth look into Ford’s influential 1934 short “The Rhapsody in Steel” for Cartoon Research.