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Four-Links – postal Jeep, land yacht, Silver Volt, Thomas Crown Affair buggy

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For the Fourth of July, Summit’s OnAllCylinders took a look at perhaps the only vehicle to exclusively wear red, white, and blue throughout its entire production run: the AM General Dispatcher Jeep.

* Sure, you can call all sorts of big American luxury cars “land yachts,” but this skoolie built at the Gamage Shipyard in South Bristol, Maine, was specifically commissioned to be a yacht for the land. So there. (via)

* Speaking of luxury cars, GM apparently intended circa 1980 to put into production the first luxury electric car, which it called the Silver Volt.

* Hagerty reported this week that the dune buggy from the original “Thomas Crown Affair” has resurfaced and is about to emerge from a restoration.

* Finally, who needs soccer? We have the Coppa di Sicilia, a short film by Beesening. (via)