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Sweden’s largest vintage-Volkswagen collection will be auctioned

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Images courtesy of Bilweb Auctions

We were alerted to a most impressive collection coming up to auction by our friends at Klassiker magazine. Bilweb Auctions -the company that hosted the record-setting sale of Kjell Olsson’s classic and vintage Volvo cars last fall, as well as brokering the recent sale of the famous coachbuilt Volvo “165” wagon– has been chosen to handle the dissolution of one of the world’s finest collections of original air-cooled Volkswagens.

The Holmgrens Volkswagen Museum, located  in Pålsboda, about 2 1/2 hour’s drive west of Stockholm, represents more than a half-century of passion for Bengt Holmgren. Bengt was bitten by the VW bug, so to speak, in 1962, when a Volkswagen 1200 Sedan became his first new car.

Bengt Holmgren with some cars from his eponymous Volkswagen Museum 

The Volkswagen Museum contains about 60 cars, including a Type 1 of almost every model year between 1948 and 1975. Many of these VWs are low-mileage, untouched originals, or have been accurately restored to factory-correct specifications, and it took decades to bring them all together. The oldest examples were among the earliest to leave Wolfsburg after World War II, with the 1948 having been sold new in Sweden, and the 1949 (below) originally used in Norway.

The newest Type 1 represented is also the last, that being a Mexico-built Última Edición from 2003 (below); this was only example exported to Sweden.

When it comes to the Bugs, Bengt also collected some oddball custom pieces, including a beach buggy, an MG replica, a 1303-powered Trike, and 1500 cc-powered 1967 stretch “Limousine” with an open chauffeur’s compartment and a television inside.

Many Type 1s have been turned into Porsche Spyders and 356 Speedster replicas through the years, but more unusual is this 1974 1303S rebodied with a fiberglass kit to resemble a 911!

The Holmgrens Volkswagen Museum also contains a number of different air-cooled models, including the Type 14 Karmann Ghia, Type 181 “Thing,” Type 2 Bus, Type 3 Variants/Squarebacks, Sedans/Notchbacks, 1600TLs/Fastbacks, and even a Type 34 Karmann Ghia coupe (below). The rarely-seen Type 4 is also represented in numerous copies.

One of the biggest draws in the air-cooled collection is a Brazil-built SP2 sports car from 1973.

While air-cooled models represent the bulk of Bengt’s collection, he’ll also be selling some special water-cooled models, including the NSU-cum-VW K70 and first-generation Golf/Rabbit, the latter in both Euro and US-specs.

This summer will represent the last opportunity to see the collection intact, and the Holmgrens Volkswagen Museum will be open two Thursdays a month (June 13/27, July 11/25, and August 8/22), until the the Bilweb Auction happens on September 22-23. The public viewing, prior to the auction, will take place on September 14, 15, and 20. We’ll be following it to see if any records are broken.

Which Volkswagen from this museum would you like to park in your driveway?