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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1973 Datsun 240Z

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Unrestored 1973 Datsun 240Z for sale on From the seller’s description:

-includes VIN search, no rust, no issues, no accidents, one previous owner

-incredible original condition, turn key car, daily driver

-only one rust repair was required (passenger side lower fender as shown), otherwise the car had no other rust perforation.

-previous owner replaced the flat top Hitachi’s with cannon intake and Weber 32/36 dgv

-lowering springs installed by previous owner

-full brake job including flex lines done by previous owner

-upon receiving the car, original paint was noticed everywhere except the exterior which had a faded respray as seen in a few pics.

-no signs of accidents

-upon receiving the car, it was very difficult to start and stay running

-previous owner drained the fuel tank and blew out all fuel lines

– Mileage indicated 67300 which is obviously true and does not have 167300. Interior all original including the seat stuffing as shown in a picture. Car was well preserved and most likely in a heated storage.

-engine, tranny and differential is original and never apart

-all the typical areas such as floors, rear hatch sill, battery tray, under the doors, inner doors, etc, all rust free and close to factory condition. Floors still have the factory sound proofing.

-beside a dash cap, the interior, including weather stripping, appears original. Interior is extremely clean

-original radio and power antenna works. Clock does not work, everything else operates and functions as it should

-there was no rear bumper but a clean one from a 1972 is on its way and included. New brackets will need to be fabricated and should be done by the time it sells

-2 small rock chips on the front windshield which were treated

My work done to the car

– Undercarriage stripped of old undercoating. Engine bay thouroughly cleaned, wiring cleaned up, all connections cleaned up.

-lightly wire brushed surface rust off all undercarrage metal and RCMP Rust Converter was applied.

-undercoating applied to undercarrage and wheel wells. There are no patches anywhere, all metal is original except the one repair as seen in the pics.

-carbs were removed and disassembled. Internal filters were plugged solid.

-carbs were thoroughly cleaned, new kits installed including power valves and accelerator pumps. Floats adjusted to factory spec. Car started great afterwards, running issues solved. Car idles with air mix screws out ~1.5 turns which indicates jetting is correct. The car pulls hard, tires chirp into 2nd, it runs extremly well, no hesitation from these Webers and gas mileage is great, about mid 20’s. Lots of room for jetting if you decide to go with headers, head porting, etc. A stock L24 can be stroked to a 2.7 liter and easily 175 hp at the wheels compared to the stock 150 at the crank.

-compression is 152 to 155 across. No oil leaks.

-car was de-trimmed and brought to a body shop. It was sanded down and painted as close to the original color as possible with an added gold tint. Engine bay and rear hatch jams were left alone. One small panel was replaced with metal patch panel (see picture). Door jams were sprayed along with the rear hatch sill. I didn’t want all glass removed to disturb the original weather stripping. I believe that most weather stripping is original as the drivers door has the added flap that came from factory only. Tape job was very good.

-Some minor rubbers were replaced (wiper arm boots, plastic cowling inserts, cowling weather stripping).

-new pertronix electronic ignition, flame thrower 2 coil, NGK wires and new BPR6ES plugs

-new Cooper Trendsetter P185/70/14 tires (original hubcaps)

-added the headlight relay kits and parking lights relay upgrades to avoid any wiring overheating issues that is common on the Z. Headlights, tail lights, running lights and instrument lights are very bright now and do not dim when sitting idled. Turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, interior dome light, map light, glove box light all work as they should.

-heater and blower fan work perfect, blows pretty hard unlike the typical Z. Wipers and washer work as they should, ventilation ducts work as they should. Windows roll up/down very easy, operate smooth like new.No interior leaks when washing the car. All locks are original, therefore one key works everything, that’s rare.

-doors close easy and flush, same with the rear hatch and hood. Gaps are all straight.

-new starter bypass relay installed to get full battery voltage for starting. Cranks fast.

-new fuel tank lid flap protector

-new LED dome light

-new battery, battery cables and OEM battery hold down kit

-new air filter assemblies and breather filter

-old polution control junk removed including manifold heating

-new MSA seat belts. Car had none and it needed this for road safety

-most emblems are new

-new side mirror (have a second one but never installed it)

-rear licence plate panels painted factory grey

-all interior plastic panels removed to inspect inner panels. No rust, no issues at all.

-sprayed some rust preventative along all interior seams

-sprayed rust preventative inside the doors, focusing on the lower seams.

-sprayed rust preventative inside the engine bay focusing on all the seams.

– noticed one small rust repair inside the hood, front left inner tip, very minor.

-installed inner door sound matting

-the engine is extremely tight with no gasket or seal leaks

-interior fully cleaned and detailed

-I drove the car to Whitehead Performance in Toronto for a detailed inspection. $1700 in new parts (fluids, bushings including rear control arm, 4 new struts, aluminum rad, hoses, two fuel vent hoses, clutch slave, reverse switch, restored balance tube installed, clutch fan, Carter mechanical fuel pump) $2300 in labor. Anything that was needed was replaced/repaired. Carbs had a final adjustment using the Wideband readings.O2 readings are perfect for daily driving but at full throttle, Wideband readings indicate main jets one size too large, just slightly rich. Most likely it’ll be perfect if headers are added. Better rich than lean.

-could use exhaust down pipe gasket replaced. I have a full gasket set so it may be in there. I believe that the exhaust may be original and is tight. Quiet runner, shifts very smooth, no clutch issues.

This is my 5th 240z and it’s by far the closest to original that I have seen. Paint work isn’t show room but it’s a solid 8.5 maybe 9/10, no orange peel, shines nice, real sweet car. If you look real close, some pitting around the rear hatch close to the weather stripping wasn’t filled very well but it’s pretty hard to notice, I’m being very specific. You can drive it anywhere, very reliable and I’ll drive it to you if needed and possible. Includes a can of Datsun Blue engine paint that I haven’t got around too, remaining paint for touch ups, spare set of plugs, a full gasket set, carb linkage set to convert the throttle cable to mechanical linkage. Current cable set up is problem free. My last 240z with a 3 liter stroker sold for $27500 to a collector in Flagstaff Az, site unseen and he was extremly pleased. This is by far a better car. Selling due to upcoming relocation for work but I’ll take it with me before I give it away.

I have many before and after pics, as much info as needed to give you an exact picture of the cars condition. 240’s in this condition and mileage is rare. Great investment and you can drive it home without any concern as I have taken care of all the issues. No overheating issues, drives straight, brakes straight. Since I prefer to sell it soon, price is adjusted accordingly. Please compare.

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