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Four-Links – Margaret Dunning’s Packard restored, Henry J prototype, Bugatti Type 68 one-of-none, W24 1957 Chevrolet

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The Classic Car Club of America Museum reported earlier this month that the restoration of Margaret Dunning‘s 1930 Packard 740 Custom roadster is now complete.

* Kaiser’s Henry J, as Mac’s Motor City Garage pointed out this week, originated not with Kaiser-Frazer but with an even smaller company, American Metal Products, which commissioned the compact to test the waters for an entry into the postwar auto market. The prototype still exists in the NATMUS Museum.

* Speaking of postwar compacts, the Bugatti Trust in the U.K. has an incomplete streamlined version of the sketched-but-never-built Type 68 with proportions not too far off from a Bantam.

* Is a pair of V-12s mated side by side excessive for a 1957 Chevrolet? Yes, but the build continues anyway, as we see at Engine Swap Depot.

* European rallying in the Seventies is always worth a few minutes of your time. (via)