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Four-Links – Museo Piaggio, Paul Bracq, Monaro 50th, Frankenstang

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Established in 2000, the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera recently got treated to a full renovation. It’s now, according to Piaggio, the largest Italian museum dedicated to two-wheeled transportation. That’s apparently discounting the space provided for the Ape 70th anniversary exhibit.

We mentioned Paul Bracq in the Heuliez 914 story this week in passing, but he deserves a deeper dive, which, coincidentially, Don Andreina at Curbside Classic recently provided in two parts.

Unique Cars reminded us this week that the Holden Monaro is now 50 years old.

Jensen already built a four-wheel-drive Mustang, as (probably) have a thousand hillbillies with rusted-out Jeep bodies. As we saw on Engine Swap Depot this week, however, there’s another way to achieve the same result: by placing a Mustang body on a Subaru WRX chassis.

While the Volkswagen that the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition used to tool around Antarctica got a mention here several years ago, we more recently came across this video of the red Beetle, purportedly the first stock sedan on the continent. (via)