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The inmate is running the asylum; photochopperiness returns!

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I’m free, for the moment. So before they catch me and give me more happy pills, here comes weirdness. Above: Phil’s eight-legged Hudson. One could say it’s a Step-Step-Step-Step Down Hudson. Also, don’t miss his shorty Eldorado. How does he do it? Nobody knows.

Renato Andrean sent this COE Cadillac in to our Facebook page a couple years ago, and I’m just getting around to posting it. See what happens when they lock me up? How does he do it? The secret’s in the sauce.

Andy Prieboy decided to see what would happen if Chrysler built something like the Thunderbolts in the Sixties using Imperial design language. How does he do it? Maybe it’s Maybelline.

I don’t know who ChopperOui is, but he’s been inserting VW Type 2s into everything from the Adam West Batmobile to Model Ts. How does he do it? Probably with a Wacom tablet.

Casey Shain wondered what a 2018 Gremlin would look like, and he’s probably spot on with the thought that it would be built on some all-wheel-drive subcompact platform like the Renegade. How does he do it? With a hazy crystal ball.

It’s a Cittrrooen, and my google fu has yet to turn up an artist. How does he do it? Anonymously.

I thought for the longest time these weirdo backwards French cars were photochops, but as it turns out they were actually set pieces for L’Écume des jours, a 2013 Michel Gondry film that also includes a semi-transparent Cadillac limousine and a Pacer with appendages. How does he do it? Michel Gondry.

Finally, you wanna know what the world would look like if the Russians had adopted Ray Russell‘s hydraulic drive system and won World War III? Don’t we all. Kdyrov Daniyar‘s got the goods. How does he do it? совершенно секретно. (via)

Finally, Chris Labrooy’s “Tales of Auto Elasticity” and “Auto Aerobics” led to his “Cut & Shut” video. There’s more on his Vimeo page, too. How does he do it? Do you really want to know? (via)