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Boxer Jock, Button King, and the beginnings of the Houston Art Car Parade

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Jackie Harris’ “Fruitmobile.” Photo by Harrod Blank. All photos courtesy Houston Art Car Parade.

This weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the Houston Art Car Parade, the largest art car parade in the world, as it bills itself. The event that has attracted art car aficionados from around the country since its beginning, as we see from this batch of photos from the first two parades in 1988 and 1989 that the organizers of the parade uploaded to their site. As with any other art, we’ll let the cars speak for themselves. First up, the cars from 1988:

“101 Howdies.” Photo by Tom LaFaver

Artist: Willard Watson The Texas Kid.

Artist: Darrell the Clown

Jackie Harris’s “Fruitmobile.”

Artists: Jeff Delude and Joanna Brigham

Jackie Harris’s “Local Charm Hearse.”

And now the cars from 1989:

Photo by Tom LaFaver.

Photo by Tom LaFaver.

Photo by Tom LaFaver.

Arabia Motor Corps. Photo by Tom LaFaver.

The Art Guys’s “Exxon Valdeath.”

Jackie Harris’s “Fruitmobile.”

“Gutter Gator” by artists Tom & Moira LaFaver, Nancy Lauritsen & John Wells.

Larry Fuente’s “Mad Cadillac.”

Harrod Blank’s “Oh My God.” Photo by Tom LaFaver.

Dalton Stevens’s “The Button King.” Photo by Tom LaFaver.

Artist: Darrell the Clown.

Artist: Kelly Amon.

Artist: Loco Gringos.

Los Magnificos Lowrider club.

“Mag Art.”

Serabutu’s “Montrose Monorail.”

“Official Space Shuttle Challenger Pace Car.”

Carter Ernst’s “Ooze Mobile.”

Artist: Paul Mears.