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Imperious: New Neo Scale Models may well be the (Imperial) Crown jewel in your 1/64-scale car collection

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Neo Scale’s 1957 Imperial Crown four-door Southampton. Photography by author.

Neo Scale Models may be a new name to the 1/64-scale world, but the Dutch-based company has been making waves with their eclectic 1/43-scale car-model choices for years now. (1968 Buick Skylark sedan? 1978 Mercury Marquis coupe? A Packard 902 Standard Eight Coupe?) At long last, they have decided to dip their toes into the price-sensitive 1/64-scale market.

The first two models in the run are a 1977 Lincoln Mk V, in deep blue with cream top and interior, and the 1957 Imperial Crown four-door Southampton seen here. The cast-in fine details (door lines and door handles, etc.) are incredibly delicate. The grille is a piece of photo-etched metal for better depth and sheen than mere paint could provide. Soft whitewall tires are treaded, and roll with correct hubcaps. The nature of resin, and its silicone molds, dictates that it is practically hand-built. It also means that you won’t see tens of thousands of these in shops: each Neo Scale 1/64 is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide. And, of course, it comes in an acrylic case to prevent damage.

They’re made of resin, rather than metal. It’s more efficient, cost-wise, to hand make small batches like this Imperial if you don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for hard tooling. Others have announced 1/64-scale resin models and failed: Kyosho of Japan announced a resin-bodied line years ago that has yet to come to fruition, and XCO did only the one Lexus race car half a dozen years ago or more.

Handmade? Limited production? You know what comes next … the price. They’re not cheap: American distributors have them at more than $40 each before shipping. If you’re used to paying a buck for a car at your big-box store, it’s slightly shocking. But if you’re mad for ’50s cars in 1/64 scale, or Imperials, or sedans, or limited editions, you’d do yourself an injustice if you didn’t at least consider one. Those dollar cars are toys. This is a model.

The next models said to be available will be a ’57 Buick Caballero, and a ’72 Cadillac Sedan deVille. Other than the entirely understandable price, the only bad thing we have to say about Neo Scale Models is that there aren’t more of them available right now. For more information, check out the Neo Scale Models home page.