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Four-Links – L.A. street racing, Packardbaker podcast, Beach Boys Moke, gas station signs

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Last weekend, the Los Angeles Times gathered nearly 20 years’ worth of data on street racing fatalities in the city. Notably absent from the article: Any mention of the access — or lack of access — to organized racing facilities.

* The South Bend Tribune‘s Time Machine podcast this week sat down with Andrew Beckman to discuss the Packardbakers that resulted from the merger of Packard and Studebaker.

* As we learned from Maximum Mini this week, the Beach Boys lent their name to a bunch of Barris-modified Mini Mokes, to be used for radio station giveaways.

* A sort of follow-up to the John Margolies photos we posted here a couple weeks back: Another set of his photos from the Library of Congress, this series depicting vintage gas station signs still standing in the Eighties.

* After Gary Gabelich captured the world land speed record in 1970, Craig Breedlove cooked up a number of ideas to either recapture the world’s attention or the record, as we see in this 1971 interview discussing a rocket-powered car he planned to build.