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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1960 Rambler American

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Patina-rich 1960 Rambler American station wagon for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is a cool little car. Very nice body. Paint looks original and has wear, but it cleans up good and has a nice patina. No Body filler. One small spot of rust starting on one front fender. Front floorpans had rust and it was repaired and done well. I would just drive it as-is myself, but it would be an easy car to paint. This car has a small inline six cylinder which appears original. The transmission is an automatic, which I believe was somewhat rare in these cars but I don’t know for sure. The car runs nice but needs a little work. The carburetor needs repaired/replaced. The needle/seat stick sometimes. The transmission works fine but the front seal leaks. It may not leak when running but it does when parked. I haven’t tried any stopleak but I would just plan on a front seal. The motor runs smooth. I’ve just driven it around my house, but I know the previous owner and he did have it registered and drove it some in the summer. The brakes work. The original radio sounds like it comes on, and may work, but no sound comes out. Not sure if the antenna is unhooked?… Interior does need re-done. Headliner is usable but has some small rips. Rear seat would be ok to use too. Front seat needs recovered, there is no carpet, and it would need door and other interior panels re-upholstered. This car had cragars on it and it looked really cool. The tires on it need replaced and are just rollers.

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EUREKA, Montana
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