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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1953 Lancia Aprilia Sport by OSA recreation

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Hand-built recreation of a 1953 Lancia Aprilia Sport by OSA for sale on From the seller’s description:

This Lancia “Sport” by OSA, is a “Mille Miglia type” racecar, an awesome recreation of a racing jewel of Agostino Accadia’s, according to the precious contribute of his son Ernesto, I’ve the honor to be a friend of.

Ernesto and I shared the dream of making the survived original components roaring again in the body of a recreated racing thoroughbred of his father’s.

The project started in 2015 from overhauling all the original Lancia parts then supported by a correct tubular frame and finally wrapped by a body of awesome beauty.

We put it back in good shape with the following characteristics and specifications:

Reconstruction of GILCO type tubular frame, 235 cm (92.5 in) wheelbase (40 cm shorter than the sedan one)

Correct Lancia front axle complete with inner coil springs and shocks, steering box, steering linkages, double cylinders drum brakes

Correct Lancia rear axle complete with differential,leaf springs, hydraulic shocks, drum brakes

Correct Lancia Aprilia 1500 close V4 engine, feeded by a custom built billet aluminum intake manifold matched to a 35 mm double barrel Solex carburetor (projected and finely tuned by Ernesto Accadia), on fender dynamic air scoop

Special 4 into 1 header matched to a low restriction muffler, lh side exit

Correct Lancia clutch and manual 4spd transmission

Custom made drive shaft with u-joints replacing the rubber “donuts”

Custom made aluminum fuel tank with “Monza type” inlet and cap, electric pump

Hand crafted 1.2 mm aluminum body, aluminum inner fenders, firewall and trunk, 4 mm aluminum floors, aluminum sport seats frame with beige vinyl (nobody really used leather in racing …)

Chrome 16” wire wheels with spinners, 185R16 sport tires

Owen curved Lexan windshield and side screens

Totally restored gauges, state of the art new electric harnesses

Every single component, even not in this list, has been totally overhauled, brought to like new conditions

This stock 1500 engine revs about 4,000 rpm reaching about 140 kmh (87 mph) but, switching to a revving 6,000 rpm modified unit (available separately) this car can approach 200 kmh (124 mph)

I’m proud of this result and again thank Ernesto for his professional and passionate support.

Ernesto Accadia, in the ‘70s moved from Naples to north of Lombardy in Busto Arsizio, town located 20 miles north of Milan were has been a well appreciated Weber and Solex carburetors technician and now, as retired, loves preparing FIAT 500 racing prototypes to make his son Gianluca a winning participant to the Championato Italiano Bicilindriche Storiche (Italian Historic Battle of the Twins).

Here some history notes about the Aprilia “Sport” racecars in their era:

Lancia’s standard production for the Aprilia model was limited to 4 door sedan type only, plus some rolling chassis dedicated to external coach builders (Stabilimenti Farina, Carrozzeria Touring, etc.) , consequently sports and racing cars were built by private Companies and racecar builders like Zagato, Conrero, Morelli, Motto, Pagani, Paganelli, and many others.

The Lancia supplied rolling chassis were frameless due to their boxed sheet metal structure, resulting flexible so the 274 cm (110 inches) wheelbase made the behavior even worse and the excessive length affected handling.

So, many builders used the common and inexpensive FIAT 1100 classic rail frames for installing Lancia engines as well as Alfa Romeo 6C engines and even Bugatti engines. That frame had structure to perform decently even though still some flexible and too high from the ground.

But, healthier gentlemen could afford costly tubular frames among which the most celebrated supplier was GILCO by Gilberto Colombo (chosen by Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Zagato and Ghia plus for FIAT 750, 1100 and 2000 8V).

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