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Hemmings Find(s) of the Day – pair of 1987 Subaru GLs

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One for resto, one for parts pair of 1987 Subaru GLs for sale on From the seller’s description:

A nearly matched pair of 1987 Subaru GL Wagons. Both have a 1.8 liter , 4 cylinder engine, 4-wheel drive with high and low range, 5-speed manual transmission, power steering and power brakes. Both have carburetors — no fuel injection or computers. They are the same color inside and outside.

Subaru #1 is very driveable. We drove it daily for many years until recently when we bought something else. It starts, runs and drives good. It has even been driven over a mountain pass during blizzard conditions with no problems.

Subaru #2 runs, but only on 3 cylinders. and has a low brake pedal. It has good compression on three cylinders but has zero on the fourth. It probably has a bad or sticky lifter or valve on that cylinder. It also has a bad gas tank.

Subaru #1 has had regular maintenance. It has new axle shafts in front, new front wheel bearings, rebuilt carburetor, new ball joints, new strut bar bushings and new timing belts and gears. The brakes work well and have a lot of wear left, but there is a right front shimmy under a quick stop (warped rotor?). The rear wheel bearings will probably need to be greased or replaced.

Subaru #1 also has 4 new M&S winter tires (General Altimax Arctic) and wheels with less than 10,000 miles on them. The tires on Subaru #2 are in fair condition. Subaru #1 has a front grill and a good battery; #2 has a fair battery and no grill.

Subaru #1 has an odometer reading of 228,507; #2 has a reading of 186,971,

Subaru #2 has air conditioning (not tested); #1 does not. Interior on both is fairly good. Subaru #2 has a partly sun-faded dash and some wear on the driver’s seat with seat covers.

Subaru #1 has a replacement windshield. Subaru #2 has a crack in the windshield. All other glass is good. Some outside trim is missing on both vehicles. There is a little rust on lower rear quarters. The worst spot is shown in the pics.

I have several service manuals and the original owners manual that will go with the vehicles, including the multi-volume 1987 official Subaru service manual, 2 Chilton manuals, 1 Haynes manual and Muir’s “How to Keep Your Subaru Alive”. There are also extra parts, tires and wheels included.

You can drive one now and use the second one for parts or fix it. Both vehicles are complete (- one grille) so nearly any part needed should match and be included.

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