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Four-Links – charred collections, Coffee Pot, Jaguar found, spook lights

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Automotive American gathered several of the stories of California car collections destroyed by the recent (and ongoing) wildfires there.

* When driving the Lincoln Highway through Pennsylvania you may come across a giant coffee pot. It sits across the street from where it originally enticed travelers, but it’s more or less preserved to document its 90-year history after facing the scrap heap.

* The Detroit Free Press reported this week on the case of a 1958 Jaguar that went missing in a convoluted set of circumstances and that recently found its way back to its former owner.

* On long, straight, and dark rural roads–in many cases on or near Route 66–there often appear phenomena called “spook lights,” and a recent documentary sets out to explain these lights, as Route 66 News reported this week.

* In 1964, Mercury took a handful of its Comets to Daytona to break some speed and distance records. Mac’s Motor City Garage dug up this video of the publicity stunt.