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Four-Links – Jabbeke TR2, Brooklands scoreboard, Route 66 nostalgia, Luigi Colani

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Earlier this year, the folks at Moss restored MVC 575, a Triumph TR2 that set a speed record of nearly 125 mph at Jabbeke using its production 2.0-liter engine.


* And speaking of historic British racing artifacts, last month Brooklands pressed its scoreboard into service for the first time since 1939.


Photo by MortAuPat.

* Route 66 News recently pointed out a CityLab article that goes into the pitfalls of nostalgia, specifically as applied to the Mother Road.



* The complete opposite of nostalgia and the above pitfalls? Luigi Colani’s approach, as described in this recent article by Paul D’Orleans at The Vintagent.


*Finally, a quick British Pathe video, circa 1958, of a couple blokes ripping the body off an Austin Seven and replacing it with a fiberglass body. The designer, BP notes, is Laurie Falcon. (h/t to Mike Eldred)