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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1964 Chevrolet K10

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Shortbed crew-cab 1964 Chevrolet K10 for sale on From the seller’s description:

The story behind this pickup is that is was originally ordered for the railroad this way and when it arrived at the dealership they no longer needed or wanted it. So the dealership sold it to a local farmer. This pickup runs and drives good. It is a 4 wheel drive pickup with dealer add-on air conditioning as well. It has great tires with lots of tread left as well. Documentation for the history of the pickup is nearly nonexistent because of the lack of records that are able to be found. The GM plant that originally built the pickup has shut down and the dealership that sold it also closed down back in 2007. These trucks left the GM plants as regular cab trucks and then were sent to coach builders who did the work to convert them for the railroads and forestry service. Very hard to find these and a lot of them were only 2 wheel drive with no AC. This pickup has the straight six engine and manual 4 speed tranny on the floor. The pickup needs a lot of body work as the pictures show but the floors are solid. Typical rust areas for these years of Chevys. The top cap is also cracking off from what the coach builders used to seal those tops. All the glass is in great condition with no cracks. It has a wood bed as well.

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Ponca, Nebraska
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