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Four-Links – scrappage scheme Ford saved, Age of Monsters, Nadig, Packard plant in 360

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After a great hue and cry this past week, Ford’s UK branch decided not to scrap a 1959 Standard Ten that somebody turned in for the country’s cash for clunkers scheme.

* The Vintagent this week surveyed the various big-engined custom-built racing motorcycles from the dawn of the motoring age, including Glenn Curtiss’s above.

* Speaking of the dawn of the motoring age, America on Wheels this week took a look at its Nadig horseless carriage, which dates back to 1891.

* If you can’t get to Detroit for those Packard plant tours, MLive recorded a 360-degree video of the plant in its current state.

* Finally, I could’ve sworn we’ve run this video of the infamous Kenny Powers flying Lincoln Continental stunt, but I guess we haven’t. The stunt unfolds about as one would expect, but we’re more entertained by the 100 percent unironic narration and earnestness of all involved.