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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1966 Sunbeam Imp Mk II

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Project-status 1966 Sunbeam Imp Mk II for sale on From the seller’s description:

this is a MkII and sports Mk2 badges on each door and a Pentastar badge on the passenger side too.
These are RWD and rear engine. They have 4 syncromesh gears and with the detuned all aluminium 875cc Coventry Climax engine were quite popular little racecars in their day winning the British Saloon Car Championship from 1970-1972. A fully independent suspension at each corner gave them good handling too.
This one was rescued with another Imp from the scrap yard by a friend who operates the towing company. The engine turns over freely with the plugs out but no attempt has been made to start it.
The fuel tank was removed to perform service on the hydraulics up front. I have the tank, spare cylinders and the corner covers that go on top of the tank.
The body has some rust on the rear boot lid i.e. engine cover and the drivers sill at the rear has a bit that’s rusted through. The engine is complete. I have the missing muffler too. I removed the front carpet, keeping the fiddly bits by the seats. The car has been off the road since 1978 and a leak has developed in the windshield and rear windscreen seals. The front carpet simply fell to pieces. All rust under the carpet was surface and the floor under the rear footwell is still sporting nice paint.
To be be clear this is a project and was involved in a rear accident that crunched bits of the rear. I have the original (barely) damaged boot lid too. Tires and most other rubber bits should be replaced. This is a great little car that the previous owner loved well. He even added additional gauges (Smiths) and clearly fancied this a sporting ride.

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Norwich, Connecticut
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