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Four-Links – tintype sidecar, the Love Machine, Sally, Brasil to Canada

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Rob Gibson shoots tintype photos, which is remarkable enough, but he also does so out of a custom sidecar attached to his 1938 Harley, as we learn from this PetaPixel profile of Gibson.

* Apparently nobody knows what happened to the Love Machine from Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke,” so Steve Kimmel set about building a recreation of the Impala, one that apparently earned Cheech’s approval, as we can see from Fuel Curve‘s story on the clone.

Still via IMCDB.

* One for the “visions of an autonomous future” file: Isaac Asimov’s short story, “Sally,” originally published in 1953 but set in 2057.

* Three young fellows made the trip from Brazil to Alaska in a Jeep in 1955 for little other reason than youthful exuberance, as we hear from this CBC interview with Hugo Vidal, the last living member of the expedition. No mention how they dealt with the Darien Gap. (via)

* Finally, the HVA’s documentary on the McGee roadster, one of three modified cars added to the National Historic Vehicle Register this past spring, turned into a wider look at the rise of hot rodding in the postwar era.