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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1973 Chrysler Town and Country

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Original paint and drivetrain 1973 Chrysler Town and Country for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is a nice car which has not been on the road for a few years. It has been taken ” around the block ” a couple of times a month but nothing more. I am getting up in years and no longer have the motivation this car needs and deserves to bring it back to its former glory. It is a very low optioned car and that was one of the reasons why I bought it. I have owned it for the past 20 yrs. The car is all original as far as paint and drivetrain. I added the tires and cragars when I first bought the car. The tires appear to be in excellent condition but they are twenty years old. The cragars have manged to rust badly even though this car has never been exposed to weather in the time i”ve owned it.

The car does have a few issues. A small exhaust leak coming from where the donut used to be between where the y pipe connects to the exhaust pipe. Also there is an oil leak that is not significant but it will leave its mark if parked for awhile. I think it might be coming from the rear main but I am not sure. I never really looked into it. There is some small seepage from the rear diff. pinion seal. The AC needs to be recharged. The two way tailgate worked perfectly until last year but now only opens in the door mode. At the same time the rear glass stopped going up and down so maybe the two issues are related.

The body does have some nicks and scratches which I attempted to show in the pics. There are a couple of small rust spots I also show pics of. There is a small dent above the grill but this should be easily eliminated by PDR. The undercarriage has surface rust and some left over undercoating but no scale, soft spots or holes. The interior , carpeting and headliner are in very nice condition. The carpeting in the cargo area appears to have a few small bloodstains from the original owner who might have hunted. Also there are what appears to be dog scratch marks on some of the plastic storage compartment covers.

I am also including 2 NOS grills, NOS headlight doors, NOS front bumper plastic fills, 2 dealer TSB catalogs plus a number of other parts I have collected over the years.

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Cleveland, Ohio
Magnifying Glass

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