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Four Links – solar eclipse at Carhenge, Millennial collectors, Oldsmobile J-TR concept, steel turret tops

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Carhenge, by Chris M. Morris.

The U.S. is currently in the grip of eclipse mania, as the first visible solar eclipse in nearly a century will cut a swath from Oregon to South Carolina on Monday, August 21. In Nebraska, one of the prime viewing sites will be Carhenge, and the town of Alliance, Nebraska, is pulling out the stops to host visitors. The state’s governor will be there for the viewing, and the celebration includes concerts, a softball tournament, a Native American powwow, and a not-to-be-missed lunch put on by local churches.


It’s often said that “Millennials just aren’t interested in cars,” but our experience shows that they’re simply interested in different types of cars than older generations. A recent Detroit Free Press piece by Mark Phelan takes a closer look at the cars that this demographic is beginning to collect, and the results may be surprising.


1963 Olds J-TR

The 1963 Oldsmobile J-TR may lack the fame of earlier GM concepts, but the F-85 convertible variant was still notable as a Bill Mitchell-influenced custom that represented GM’s transition from dream cars to production-based concepts. Mac’s Motor City Garage takes a look at the forgotten (and to this day, still missing) show car.


Automobile steel roofs are something we take for granted today, but it took until the early 1930s for the steel turret top to be developed and mass-produced. As The Old Motor points out, it was a change in automotive styling, to rounded corners, that made the traditional cloth roof obsolete.