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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1983 Zastava 750

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From the seller’s description:

Here is a perfectly restored to new condition 1983 Zastava 750 nicknamed “Ficha” originally manufactured by Zastava in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia under license from Fiat and based on the 600 model, except with 150 more cc’s in the rear mounted engine, real wheel drive, 4 speed. You may find a half a dozen of these floating around the USA, but you will not find one as well restored and new as this one. Plus, it is the very FIRST Zastava 750 titled and registered in Wisconsin. The DMV had to add it to their pull down MAKE menu! Car was not driven after restoration and only has about 500 miles worth of pleasure driving here in the US. Drive a classic, rare, head turning, Yugoslav made historic relic of Fiat’s post WW2 expansion into eastern Europe and do it with the confidence with new car confidence.

The people’s car of Yugoslavia manufactured from 1955-1985, though the upgraded 750 series was not made until 1965. The car has fully restored body, paint, and trim. The mechanicals have all been rebuilt. The engine and transmission have less than 400 miles on them. The car functions as if it just rolled off the assembly line back in ’83. Even better, actually, as the amount of love and attention devoted to it by its restorer are far in excess of what a mere factory could have produced. The owner/restorer does one such Zastava 750 restoration per year. First, he makes sure that the car is bought from an original owner in the original paint with no accident history. Then, it is further scrutinized to have minimal rust issues or other age related setbacks. He then meticulously, carefully, and with terrific attention to detail rebuilds and restores every last square inch and component on the car. Every car he does is finished off with original material interior cloth for seating, dashboard components, flooring, and door side panels. One of his signature features are original headliners (this is the final criteria in identifying the ideal candidate). As he did this model and one other in yellow for himself and his son to enjoy, you can be assured of the topmost quality and finish. The car runs like a top, handles like a champ with no top heaviness in the corners, and since all the mechanicals good as new you never feel like it will let you down. Sure, it has about 25 hp from its 767 cc (46.8 cu in) engine, but this little 4 speed always provides a fun and happy time behind the wheel. 55 mph in the rightmost lane on the interstate it does not fear. But, lollygagging around the countryside or cruising the cityscape is its preferred environs.

Of all the cars I have owned, classic or modern, this one gets the most attention everywhere I go. Many pics, many questions, many converstations, many new friends, and attracted demographics go across an entire spectrum from younger females to grizzled classic car males. It is irresistible.

Sure, there are many Italian 500s floating around, maybe even a few 600s, but separate yourself from this crowd one extra step! It is an automotive anti-depressant: not only making its owner and occupants happier than they thought possible, but everyone that comes into contact with it cannot help but smile and feel warm and wonderful inside.

Dare to stand out in a crowd where you may command more attention (especially from the ladies) than some of our more muscle bound friends. My muscle car is plenty steaming green with envy, I can tell you that.

1983 Zastava 750 1983 Zastava 750 1983 Zastava 750 1983 Zastava 750

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Franklin, Wisconsin
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