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Four-Links – Ctrl-X, GM FWD platforms, Corvang, Metro camper

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Perhaps not the easiest way to remove graffiti from a Moskvitch 412, but a group of street artists in Russia ingeniously turned it into a piece of “disappearing” street art with some clever paint work.

* Having trouble keeping the W-bodies and the E-bodies separate? You’re not alone, which is why Curbside Classic ran down the various GM front-wheel-drive platforms and what cars used them.

* Recall that Corvettes and Mustangs are the two most commonly listed cars on, so what happens when the two get melded together, Tuvix-style? Engine Swap Depot has the results.

* Sleeping in your car isn’t as easy as Colin Furze makes it seem (unless you have an old Nash), but sleeping in a hollowed out car-turned-trailer sounds like a much better solution. Subcompact Culture came across one such Geo Metro while camping recently.

* For the first episode of That ’70s Car, we get introduced to not one but two Mopar more-doors. (via)