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Four-Links – Tom White’s bikes, 2JZ Camaro, the closed car, ‘Yota resto

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Tom White collects motorcycles. But his reasons for doing so go beyond mere appreciation, as this Los Angeles Times profile of the man and the collection shows.

* Ever since Tokyo Drift, we’ve seen plenty enough 2JZ-swapped Sixties Mustangs, but as we see from a recent Engine Swap Depot story, the engine seems to fit in first-gen Camaro engine bays as well.

* The term convertible wasn’t coined until 1927, as John Heitmann pointed out in his recent post on The Automobile and American Life, a post that provides plenty of context to the fairly quick transition from open to closed cars during the Twenties.

* Generously speaking, the 1979 Toyota pickup that Richard Boucher found in the woods was rough. Which made the pickup’s restoration, as highlighted by Off Road Action, all the more spectacular.

* Going through old bookmarks, we came across this BBC documentary on the rise and fall of the DeLorean Motor Company. Does the world need another DMC-12 documentary (we spotted at least two others on YouTube without looking hard)? Probably not, but we’ll take it.