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Four-Links – 911 design study, microcar collection, Sovamag, Otto engine restored

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Coachbuilder Hans Leo Senden’s take on the Porsche 911 caught the eye of the crew from Ferdinand at the recent Techno Classica Essen. The phrase “Fred-in-a-shed” caught our eye.

* The Crosleykook spent an afternoon recently visiting a guy named Steve and his hoard of uncommon microcars. See how many you’ve never heard of!

* On a recent journey to Paris, Ronan Glon at Ran When Parked came across a daily-driven Sovamag French military truck, surely the least-expected choice for a daily driver in Paris.

* An ancient stationary engine in Dorset recently went through a full restoration and is scheduled for regular startup exhibitions throughout this year.

* Similar to the British Pathe videos but longer, Look at Life ranged in topics and included this 1960s documentary on scramblers and the scrambling scene.