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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1946 Diamond T 404HH

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Stealth motorhome 1946 Diamond T 404HH for sale on From the seller’s description:

shortened to about the size of a full sized pickup for maneuverable pulling, factory skirted reinforced frame, what looks like about a 3 or 4 ton Eaton 2 speed vacuum operated differential, huge non-warping non-scoring alloy iron brake drums, hydrovac assisted. Stops repeatedly and very powerfully if needed under severe conditions, better than some late model pickups. A dash mounted electric brake unit and wiring are installed for trailers with electric brakes. Massive seven point frame mounted hitch accepts height adjustable solid steel pillars for quick change between 2 inch and 2 5/16 balls. My 1958, 33 ft. vintage Silver Streak house trailer could not bully this tractor but the Diamond T bullied the trailer. She rides about like a firm riding one ton pickup and is registered as a 3/4 ton truck. Many of the original leaf springs were pulled to alleviate the otherwise intolerably brutal ride quality (kidney belt was required). The suspension, especially in front, is modernized. GM power steering and front end parts. Handles beautifully.

Completely remanufactured 454 Chevrolet engine built to my specifications, 1973-76 vintage block, casting # 3999289, hypereutectic pistons, true roller timing gear set, all new support components, all new valves, new guides, water pump, oil pump, etc., for the intended purpose of trouble free long range over-the-road service, longevity, and fuel economy for a 454. Huge custom built aluminum radiator and oversized tractor thermostat for cool running in heavy stop and go traffic at low RPM, belt driven mechanical fan, Bosch electric fan (almost never needed) at standby for severe duty operation under extremely high temperature-gridlock driving conditions. Edelbrock 750 carburetor, Edelbrock mechanical fuel pump with new Carter electric fuel pump hooked up in parallel at standby, such that the Carter can be engaged by toggle switch from the drivers seat anytime while driving whether the mechanical pump has failed or not (I was a jet mechanic in the Navy. I don’t like getting stranded). This engine breathes in part through a super tight-winded cam and intake manifold, 0-4000 RPM. This is a working truck intended for maximum economy and reliable operation under the most severe conditions, not a hot rod. 60,853 miles on the engine. Total truck weight 6,490 lbs (fuel load in saddle tank at the time of weighing is unknown). All new clutch assembly, flywheel, fork and pivot stud, throw-out bearing, crank bushing, clutch petal geometry is soft, efficient, and built to last forever with ball bearing cranks for ultra smooth operation. Modern 2 piece, 4 inch diameter custom driveline with intermediate carrier bearing. Muncie 465 four-speed transmission is in very solid condition except for the third gear synchro ring which shows wear. This condition has not worsened since I first installed this transmission 20 years ago. A Gear Vendor electric overdrive relaxes final drive to an easy pace. The saddle tank (manufacturer unknown) holds over 100 gallons of fuel. This moderate compression engine runs on cheapest unleaded ethanol gas.

The sleeper has its own house battery which charges from engine alternator with isolator when engine not running. Aromatic cedar lined paneling, high density foam mattress, security measures with locking system to assure safety, privacy, comfort, and abundant ventilation, storm shutters at each side privatize the door area so others can’t see in when the rear (inside locking) entrance door is partially open for ventilation. Great for congested rest areas, truck stops, or anywhere that’s cluttered with lots of people and cooking with those high intensity parking lot floodlights.

This truck is in fine condition overall. Shifting into third gear is smooth once you get the feel of it. Small tear in driver’s seat. Seat and shoulder belts are solid. Almost all the miles are highway miles, usually running empty, touring the country. Some trailer pulling just for fun. Turns easily at 2,400 RPM at 55 MPH in overdrive. Very little rust. Last painted 6/25/08. Sand blasted. 2 part polyurethane color coat and clear coat. Radial tires in fair to good condition. This offer includes shop manuals, all receipts, all my shop notes (quite a collection), special tools for brake adjustments, wheel bearing adjustments, distributor timing adjustment, a brand new king pin kit (I worry a lot) ready for installation but it just isn’t needed since the truck drives down the road just beautifully. Snow chains for the dualies used once. Three stacks are included: the straight, open stack shown in the photos, a short cab height curved open stack, and a straight stack similar in appearance to the one shown in the photos but with a muffler. Lastly, you get my blessings. The money is going to Boise Rescue Mission so I don’t want to lower the price much.

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