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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1970 Pontiac Laurentian

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Fully documented big-block-powered bench seat 1970 Pontiac Laurentian for sale on From the seller’s description:

The original owner lived in the north, but wintered in Florida. He needed a new car that would be a comfortable Interstate cruiser for the long haul to Florida. He was also a Pontiac guy. He went to his dealer in the fall of ’69 and ordered this Laurentian 2 door Sports Coupe. The 454 Mark IV was just now available, so he ordered that along with the Turbo 400 automatic, cruise control, and a radio. That’s all – no frills for him. (Canadian Pontiacs at the time were built with Impala chassis and powertrains). A few years went by, he passed away and his son started driving it until it was sideswiped on the left side. It was then parked for a long time until a Pontiac enthusiast acquired it, had the left door skin and rear quarter panel replaced and the whole car re-sprayed in the original color. It did show ‘n shine duty for a few years and then that owner passed away unexpectedly. The car was then acquired by another enthusiast and moved out west to Calgary in 2011. It has had ongoing maintenance and cosmetic cleanup as required and has reached a level where it now needs nothing and is just a great well preserved and reliable car. Along with the maintenance, factory correct power steering (fast ratio) and power disc brakes from an Impala have been added. Front and rear sway bars have been added that has vastly improved its highway manners. Otherwise, nothing has been modified. It even still has all the original smog equipment in working order. With the extremely low 2.56 rear ratio (12 bolt) it loafs along at 75 mph at about 2,100 rpm. I would drive this car on a long road trip anywhere .

If you look at the GM documentation attached, you’ll note that only 221 Pontiacs were built with the 454. The 1970 LS4 was a torque monster with 500ft-lb.

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