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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1969 Citroen HY van

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From the seller’s description:

This hard-to-find Citroen HY van would make an excellent basis for a collector restoration or food truck conversion. It has the 1911 cc gas engine, and is ideal for delivery or other urban work.

This is a rare opportunity to buy one of these vans in the U.S. The work of finding and importing the vehicle has already been done for you.

The van is in running condition. We drove it for short distances last fall, and at that time the engine, transmission, clutch, and brakes all worked fine. We will check these before the van leaves our premises to make sure they are still working.

We recommend a thorough check of all systems before driving any distance, as the van has not been in regular use for a couple of years.

The engine compartment, cab, and cargo area present well for a commercial vehicle of this age. This van appears to have had careful owners, unlike many others we have seen. The cargo area has been fitted with compartments for storage.

The chassis appears to have minimal corrosion. However, the body has been repainted and has areas of rust and filler. We have tried to show the most extensive areas in our photos.

As always we welcome and recommend an in-person inspection. We are located in Delanson, New York, three hours north of New York City.

The odometer reads 21939 kilometers. Actual mileage is unknown.

We are Citroen specialists helping the owner of this vehicle to sell it. Asking price is $25,000.

The van will be sold in “as is” condition, with the current Connecticut registration as the ownership document. Connecticut does not issue titles for older vehicles.

1969 Citroen HY van 1969 Citroen HY van 1969 Citroen HY van 1969 Citroen HY van

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