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Four-Links – drag racing in Brazil, holy grail of Hot Wheels, Chuck Jordan, Spain and the SEAT

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Safety equipment was minimal, the pits were dirt, and the grills were constantly aflame. A recent photo essay on Native Customs looks at the drag racing scene in one small town in Brazil, which reminded the author a lot of what drag racing once looked like here in the States.

* Antiques Roadshow recently evaluated a prototype Hot Wheels bay-window Volkswagen Bus and declared it to be worth as much as $150,000. Ronan at Ran When Parked has more on the story.

* Influx’s Luke Edwards this week took a look at the career of GM designer Chuck Jordan and the cars he designed.

* To sat the Spanish love the SEAT 600 is a bit of an understatement, as James Kraus of Auto Universum pointed out in his article this week on the public art devoted to the car.

* Finally, plenty to take in throughout this 16-minute video that Mac of Mac’s Motor City Garage posted on the 1969 GM Progress of Power alternative-power vehicle exhibition.