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Four-Links – Chuck Berry, 637 cubic inches, Mustang RSX, Ada Sayonara

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We had expected to see a lot more automotive tributes to Chuck Berry following his death last weekend; after all, cars were an integral part to the mixture of influences he used to conjure up rock and roll. The Jalopy Journal came through with its reflection on Berry’s “hot rod poetry.”

* What’s the biggest gasoline V-8 GM ever installed from the factory? In those terms, the 454 doesn’t hold a candle to the massive V-8 that Mac’s Motor City Garage profiled this week.

* Could the four-eyed Mustang have become a rally contender? That was Ghia’s vision for the Fox-body, at least, with its RSX rebody of 1979. CarDesignNews has more on the angular approach the coachbuilder took.

* Racer Ada Pace became known as Ada Sayonara after affixing the farewell to the back of her cars in the 1950s – and in the process showing it to many of her male competitors. Influx magazine has more on her career.

* Jack Olsen of the 12-Gauge Garage has been profiled many times, both here and elsewhere, over the years, but there’s always something to learn from a tour of his garage. This time, it’s Jack himself explaining not only how he packed so much into the space but also the reasoning behind many of his storage solutions.