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Four-Links – “killer” Studebaker, steamer Model A, electro-Benz bus, Ford’s quiet first ride

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Pretty much every event in the 20th century can be linked to an automobile of some sort. Take, for instance, the 1930 Studebaker recently displayed at a car show in India: It carries its “killer” reputation due to the fact that Gandhi assassin Nathuram Godse was driving it at the time of the assassination.

* H.A.M.B. member wafflemaster’s thread on scratch-building a boiler system for a steam engine to power his Model A is worth reading if not for the DIY aspect than for the debates on the safety of steam power.

* As Ronan at Ran When parked wrote this week, it’s almost been 45 years since Mercedes-Benz unveiled its experimental LE306 battery-powered electric van, a fleet of which went into service at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich.

* While the article’s title seems to promise an examination of an alternate history in which Henry Ford never became an automaker, The Henry Ford’s “What If” from this week instead looks at the obstacles Ford had to surmount as he struggled to get his Quadricycle on the road.

* Finally, a short video showing some Australian bush mechanics getting a junk car running. More entertaining than described, promise. (via)