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NCM Motorsports Park to present noise abatement agreement at upcoming public hearing

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Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in August 2014, prior to garage and pavilion construction. Images courtesy National Corvette Museum.

After two years of legal wrangling between the residents of Clark Circle and the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park, the issue of track noise may soon be one step closer to resolution. As the Bowling Green Daily News (via Corvette Blogger) reports, the track is expected to present a noise abatement agreement, negotiated with residents last October, at a March 2 Bowling Green City-County Planning Commission meeting.

In anticipation of filing a new detailed development plan that reflects binding elements outlined in the agreement, the track has formally withdrawn the plan previously on file with the planning commission. Voluntary noise restrictions adopted last summer will now be included in the new binding elements portion of the plan.

These measures, along with noise abatement barriers constructed by the track, have reduced noise by 10 decibels, according to Chris Davenport, the attorney who represented Clark Circle residents. The changes, in Davenport’s words, have created a “much more palatable environment for the homeowners.”

Another issue outstanding is possible compensatory damages for Clark Circle residents filing suit against the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park. Originally set to be presented before Warren Circuit Court Judge John Grise last November, the civil case was postponed until January of 2017, then postponed again. A new court has not been set.